Information and Advice

Coronavirus (Covid -19) has affected the whole of society, every organisation and the economy in ways we could not have imagined six months ago. Here is an update on how Volunteering Kingston has responded to the crisis and how you can help people affected as the lockdown eases.


An overwhelming response

In February, 60 people who wanted to volunteer registered with our service. In March, this more than doubled to 132 registrations and in April this went up to 205. This shows how many people were galvanised by the situation and wanted to help others.

Along with our service, mutual aid and other community groups sprung up to support people affected by the crisis, with volunteers speedily arranging safe and efficient systems to keep people fed, provided support with the medication and other essentials.

Charities and organisations rapidly reorganised their services and redeployed their existing volunteers to support people in the community.

As we move into a period of recovery, facing continued and new challenges, we can take comfort in the extraordinary power and commitment of people in Kingston who want to give their time to help others.


Kingston Stronger Together

The Kingston Stronger Together Support Hub is being run in partnership between Kingston Council, Kingston Voluntary Action, Volunteering Kingston and other community groups. Together we are helping Kingston residents who cannot leave their home due to COVID-19 and need extra help on top of what friends, family, trusted neighbours and other local services are providing.

Over 1000 people signed up to volunteer with Kingston Stronger Together.


Support and advice

For people who want to volunteer

In March, we suspended all our in-person Volunteer Advice Sessions for the time being. We will update the website when these restart, in line with the guidance from the government.

We are still available on our website, by phone and email. Please the best way to reach us is to email:

We will keep you updated with what volunteering opportunities there are available at this time through our website, social media and volunteer newsletters.


For organisations

We are here to provide support for all organisations and groups that involve volunteers. Email or phone to find out more. You can also request a 20 minute chat on Zoom.

Read our resource bank to find out more about all aspects of volunteering.


How can I help?

Register on our volunteering platform if you’re looking to get involved in supporting others. You can volunteer to support people affected by Covid-19 or you stand-in for people who are not able to volunteer now in a range of roles.

As the lockdown eases, council staff return to their regular roles and people come off furlough, organisations across Kingston still urgently need volunteers’ skills, enthusiasm and time.

Other ways to support people affected by Covid-19:

It’s important that, however you volunteer, you keep checking the government guidance to understand the guidance as it changes. We would like to thank you all for your hours of time, whether that’s online admin support, delivering food, sewing face masks and all the other ways that Kingston’s volunteers have helped others.


Here is some feedback from volunteers:

“Would you be tired?: Definitely! Would you come home feeling every single sacrifice and effort you and the ones you love have made have significant value and are making a difference? double definitely! Please don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the solution and to help your community, your country, and the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute. “
“Very well and very efficiently organised. It was a privilege to volunteer.”
“It couldn’t be more worthwhile.”
“Well organised and good to feel part of something genuinely helping the country move forwards”
“Well organised, a smooth session “
“Everyone was really friendly and I enjoyed being part of a great team.”